Body Language Expert analyzes the federal government recently indicted local NYC congressman, Michael Grimm

Watch the video and then read body language read of  his first speech addressing the media after the indictment. Patti Wood assesses the congressman’s body. 

“I will try to answer questions the best that I can. “ tongue eraser. This means he is not going to answer questions the best that he can.
“Here is my official statement.”, tongue thrust then eraser.  This means there is a lot more that he wants to say about how angry he is.

“Two and half years …of being bombarded.” Another tongue thrust. Notice how his hands go into a striking motion as he says allegation after allegation.  My read here is he would like to perhaps say a few choice curse words here to the people who bombarded him.

Interesting, look at the piece where he says, “…when I won.” He presses his lips together and does another small tongue eraser and a micro facial cue of sadness. My read is he feels the win was not a win for him personally that others didn't recognize it in the way he wanted and that it came at a cost.

Interesting. Listen to his statement. “So let me be perfectly clear.” There are several paralanguage cues, but the most interesting is how he aggressively strikes, so let me be perfectly clear. He is very mad would like to be yelling here, but he has to look down and read, “I will not abandon my post…” He wants to say something different than his prepared statement.

Notice as he finishes also his downward facing corners of his mouth. He would like to be crying here.

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