Fight in elevator footage and body language reading of Solange, Beyoncé and Jay Z

The body language read below of the elevator fight will appear in the New York Daily News.

Solange, Jay Z, Beyoncé fight in the elevator video is in the New York Daily News. The video is at the link below.
After reviewing the shocking Standard Hotel elevator footage, I’m certain of two things:
Solange Knowles’ anger has been building up for some time – and Jay Z and Beyonce are used to her outbursts.
There are many indications that she had a long-standing source of anger.
Let's start with her weapon moves, Solange pointed and jabbed her finger at him over 12 times.
And she kept after him even after being held in the arms of the body guard, she didn’t just have one problem with him. She had a list. She had lots that she wanted to tell him.
It’s very interesting that Solange does most of the beginning of  attack with her feet.  That’s her primal wiring. The feet are the most honest portion of the body. 
Her kicks are violent and they don’t abate quickly. Again this shows that her anger has been building up for a while.
Jay Z and Beyonce barely moved there body language stayed straight up down forward with aggression of backward in retreat. That’s telling.
They were oddly both standing straight up and down, while Solange had multiple clusters of attack moves including body, feet, chest, arms and hands and head and chin thrusts,
They didn’t feel the need to become aggressive or defensive because they had seen this behavior before.
Beyonce faced toward her sister but does not show any overt correction behavior to stop her.  Jay Z’s posture movements and facial expression suggests he was not afraid of her. He was protecting himself, but only slightly.
For example when kicked he held her foot but doesn’t; counter attack. This tells me they’re used to her venting and venting, and then stopping
The most fascinating part of the nonverbal read is that Solange's outburst turned on when she got into the elevator and turned off as she calmly walked out behind them.

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