10 Strange but True Facts About Kissing. What does Research Show About Men, Women and Kissing?

1.       What is known as a French Kiss in the English speaking world is called an English Kiss in France.

2.      Studies indicate that a man who kisses his wife goodbye when he leaves for work averages a higher income than the guy who doesn’t.
3.      If a man kisses his wife good bye every morning both members of the couple report the marriage is happier and the morning kissing also has been shown to lead to long term happy marriages.
4.      Research shows that kissing or if you prefer the scientific term Osculation, is often the deciding factor in selecting a sexual partner as well as first “kiss or miss” determiner of selecting a life partner, especially for women.
5.      Kissing evolved to stimulate all three distinct brain systems involved in mating and reproduction those that involve sex drive, romantic love, and attachment. In fact more of your brain lights up during kissing than it does for other later romantic activity.
6.      Why women kiss before they say, “I do.” Studies reveal many woman place great emphasis on a man kisses before going to bed with them.
7.      A woman tends to be attracted to male partners with a different immune system makeup from their own and she detects this information through smell when they kiss.
8.     Have a great first kiss - A bad first kiss can kill a would-be romance faster than you can reapply your lipstick. In a S.U.N.Y. Albany survey, shows that  higher number of women than men said they would not have sex with a bad kisser and more than 69 percent of women say would end the relationship if the first kiss was bad.

9.      A kiss is the best “On” button -Women are stimulated faster by kissing that any other physical activity to prompt them to want to engage in sex. Yes you read that right.

10.  Kissing is a stress reliever. -Researchers found that in long term relationships the more the couple kissed and the more their stress hormone cortisol levels declined.

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