Jennifer Aniston and Justin how are they as a couple then and now? What does the body language of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Show?

Red carpet what's unusual about the older red carpet photo with her in the gorgeous red dress is that she is standing just behind him in the photo. I have been reading her body language with men for many years and she likes to be right beside and even with the men she is with. Her photos with Brad Pitt were the poster photos for equality in a relationship. Here you see, in the sweetest feminine sense, her seeking just a hint of protection.
I also love how he is lifting up her hand in their hand clasp and has his head tilted towards her.  Having said that, because her head is facing away and he is looking in a different direction as well I give the photo read a 3 out of 5.

I love the photo of them in the grey room both dressed in black. She is looking at him with her head tilted slightly upwards very contentedly. With the eye placement and facial muscles in "up" position it  looks as though her lips are pressed together to keep her from grinning more largely rather than to suppress negative emotions.  And he is mirroring that lip closed smile as well. Again a tight lipped smile typically reads negatively but here it's positive.

I like how he is lifting up his shoulder to get it up and around her. Up motions show positive joyful emotional state. The fact that he does that with her double arm wrap shows he doesn't mind her showing her ownership and connection of him. Though I wish his fingers were a little bit more wrapped around her back overall with his smile I give them a 4 1/2 out of 5. 

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