Should you tip hotel housekeeping staff and if so how much should you tip and how. Nonverbal Communication Expert tips!

I am an expert in nonverbal speaking and consulting in the hotel industry and train hotel staff on nonverbal communication and guest interaction.
I know how hard the housekeeping staff works. It is really backbreaking work all day long.
Though modestly priced motels and hotels staff don’t expect you to tip, you can.
If you are staying at mid-range and or higher priced properties and you are pleased with how nice the room looks and or if you receive turn down service or extra service such as more towels leave a tip.
Calculate a percentage of your bill before the tax.  Tip 5 percent  for everyday customer service and going higher for exceptional service. Or simply tip them what you would your bellman.
You can fold the tip into the hotel stationary where you can say thank you and or leave it folded or placed nicely near the glasses or bottled water so they know you left it for them. 
Also I know the staff appreciates it when you say hello and make eye contact in the halls with them. Often we pretend the housekeeping staff is invisible. Your day and their day can be nicer by saying hello.Don’t hesitate just because you are not sure if they speak English. Everyone can see your kind nonverbal behavior even if they don’t understand the words. 

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