Silence is the New Luxury in a Resort. Why Quiet is a New Trend for Luxury Hotels.

Last week I stayed at a Beach Front Room at a Ritz Carlton in Florida, The Penthouse Suite in an Omni Hotel in Houston and a Luxury Hotel in Ft Lauderdale and in all three hotels I wore my noise canceling headset in the room because the outside noise be it a live Reggae Band, or Cars on the highway were so loud.  It does not surprise me that the latest trend in luxury travel doesn’t involve thread count or a seaweed-mud wrap. It’s silence. Hotels from luxury resorts to business-travel chains are marketing things like noise-free zones, triple-paned glass, soundproof walls, and serene settings where the whole sell is the ability to hear a pin drop. As an introvert on the Myers Briggs personality indicator that is music make that blessed silence to my ears.  Here is a fun article on the subject.

Thought you might be interested in this: People will pay a lot of money for some peace and quiet.

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