Body Language Read of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

What I love about this kissing photo is how emotional she is. Her eyes are lowered, and facial muscles curled up in tenderness, cherishment as if she can't believe she has him. 
He is lowering his check and body to her with gentle yielding, saying finally I can feel safe. I just love how both of them have their eyes closed to make it an especially intimate moment with each other rather than for the camera. I give them a 4 and half.

In this photo above they are so uncomfortable. Having said that, you see how they are overlapping their bodies, in a way that communicates they are still a couple. Also note how his back foot is pointed right at her and her shoulder is leaning down toward him and her pelvis is angled slightly toward him. My read of her with the "double cross" of arms and feet, hidden and tight pulled to her far right smile is she is mad at him on this day but his awe shucks I messed up downward turn smile and hands in pockets and other cues I mentioned indicate that and that he still loves her.  I give this photo a 2.

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