Great Music Videos of the Band Of Heathens

My Seatmate the Rock Singer 

I went to take my seat on a flight recently and looked at my seat mate. He was tall, with long black hair and beard and was wearing a vest and a leather cap and I thought, “He looks like the lead singer in rock band.”  We started talking and yes, my seat mate was indeed, Ed Jurdi, lead singer for the Band of Heathens.  Aren’t body language reads amazing? But really he looked just like a lead singer. Smile.   I knew his music, but not his face. In that moment, some women would have had thoughts of being a groupie, I had a two hour flight, and so I thought, “I will be a groupie light.”  Ed and I had a fantastic conversation about our creative process, the high we get from performing, the magic of connecting with audiences and what it’s like being on the road. You can link below to videos of three of his band’s songs that I love. I have two of their albums on my ITunes. 

Ed, who has been a musician for a very long time and tours three weeks out of the month, talked about how audiences have changed. Believe it or not, though most audiences are having a blast, some audience members are coming to concerts and spending the time they use to spend rocking out, connecting and enjoying themselves, texting! That’s right, even when the event is awesome and music should engage them, people are texting. As someone who loves music and finds it to be one of the most singular most transporting experiences we can have, I am stunned. It’s been awhile since I was at a live concert, but I have great memories of rocking out and signing to everyone from Rod Stewart, the Pointer Sisters, The Eagles, The Cars, The Beach Boys, Diana Krall, Chicago, and so many more.  Do you remember your first concert?  Listen to the music and go download one of Band of Heathens Albums.

Each song is very different. The first one is country, the second is rock and the third is rock out blues.  If you have a music preference play it first. In the first Ed with the black hair and beard and the band playing on Austin City Limits a song called LA County Blues.

This song makes me want to be a roadie working and traveling with the band, just so I could be back stage rocking out to this song every night.  - Your Goanna Miss Me When I am Gone

Incredibly fun and funky blues tune. You will be rocking out and nodding your head and dancing in your seat.” This is the song you will find yourself singing the rest of the day.

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