Body Language read of Jen & Justin

I love how she is has her pelvis angled towards him while tilting her head deeply to the side and her arm around his shoulder with her hand on her hip.The pelvis shows she is happy sexually, the deep tilt with her head almost on his shoulder shows tenderness and caring, the arm up and on his shoulder shows ownership and her hand on her hip shows her power. The cluster shows this really fascinating combination of he is what I want and who I care for but I don’t want to give up my power. I have read this photo before and I liked then.

He is excited like a little boy, he is bringing down his shoulders and the rest of his body slightly to take her shoulder and he has this impish smile that says, "Look at me with her isn't it great."
I would give it a high score for HER as I have read her for many years and she doesn't get mushy and this is a mushy shot. So I give it a 4.

He looks  tired and tense and his eyebrows and downwards eyelids show sadness. The odd thing about this photo is how tense and forced and stiff their facial expressions are. It looks like they just ate sour milk, so there is some suppressed sourness. I like how he is more relaxed into the duel arm pose than he was in the other photo. And her shoulder is relaxed into his. This photo could be misleading as the arm and shoulder placement is good but the faces disagree and could reflect how they feel towards the photographer. They are both trying to hold it together, but they are troubled by something. I would give this a 2.

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