If you give a mouse an iphone and "GOOD NIGHT IPAD"

If you Give a Mouse an IPhone – Shows Kids are Missing Out on Life by Spending Too Much Time on their Phones

Thursday night a member of our discussion group shared that he thought if we had had iPhones as teenagers we would not have been on them all the time because of the post Vietnam continuing love and peace movement and creative vibe of the time period we would have continued to play guitars, sing and have deep philosophical conversations.  Most of us disagreed and said the cocaine like hit we get from being on our cell phones is addictive and that peer pressure would have pulled us into the habit and the hit would have kept us there.  We continued with a discussion about how most kids and adults are so caught up on their iPhone they are not experiencing real life. This inspired me to find the video of the little children’s book spoof, “If you Give a Mouse an iPhone. The links are below you may want to follow that up with Good Night ipad parody of Good Night Moon.  I am particularly fascinated with the mouse child being so distracted by the iPhone that he misses out on all the adventures in life. You may want to read the excerpt from my book SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma Tech Impressions chapter where I talk about the neuroscience of checking your phone messages and goggling for information. 

Here are the links to the cartoons

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