Possible Deal Breakers for a Relationship - A Quirks and Habits of a Man That Could Affect the Success of a Relationship

Quite a few quirks that could dramatically affect a relationship:

An addiction or overwhelming passion for something outside the relationship that strains the relationship such as I need to go to the bars and drink with the boys

An exercise passion that requires five hours a night and you're not training for the Olympics

Unusually close relationship with siblings and or mother to the extent you want to spend as much or more time with them then you do your sweetie

Their phone calls, emails and texts take precedence over you being present with your sweetie

Here's a weird one you love your dog more than you love you sweetie.  Talk is an incredible gift in life but if you want the dog to be between you and your sweetie at all times maybe an issue

The desire to binge, watch violent and or sexual borderline porn shows on TV Netflix or online when your sweetie doesn't like them. So spending seven hours binge watching shows that makes your girlfriend gross out could be an issue if that's how you want to spend your Saturday night week after week month after month.

This is it next one is seemingly subtle but it actually has been shown in the research to make a big difference not getting up and going to bed at the same time. In fact relationships are shown to work more effectively if the pair get up and go to bed at the same time.  It’s a predictor of long-term, happy marriages.

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