Body Language Read of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston, 45, and Justin Theroux, 42, were in the throes of new love at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.  Patti Observes that Jennifer is showing loving submission by resting her head on his shoulder.  And she says that Justin's body language is saying he can't believe he got this girl.

Patti gives this couple a 4 in 2013 on the Life & Style True Love Rating scale.

However, at the premiere of his HBO series, The Leftovers, Jen drew him close at the waist - but both pulled away at the chest, suggesting conflict according to Patti.  Jen's face has sadness in it and in his there is a slight bit of anger.  In this pic there are lots of covered emotions according to Patti.

Patti gives this couple a 1 1/2 in 2014 on the Life & Style True Love Rating scale.

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