Top Ten Classic Movies PLUS Some

Top Ten Classic Movies
PLUS Some More That I Couldn't Leave Off the List of Great Black and White Films

I started to list my top ten classic movies but couldn't seem to stop at ten.  

1.      The Apartment
2.      Holiday (Cary Grant Katherine, Hepburn Version)
3.      Now Voyager
4.      All About Eve
5.      The Thin Man (All of the William Powell,  Myrna Loy versions)
6.      My Man Godfrey (William Powell version)
7.      It Happened One Night
8.      REBECCA
9.      Stella Dallas
10.  Notorious
11.  Dinner at Eight
12.  Philadelphia Story
13.  His Girl Friday
14.  Dark Victory
15.  The Heiress
16.  Talk of the Town
17.  Born Yesterday
18.  You Can't Take it With You
19.  The 39 Steps
20.  Sabrina
21.  Dear Heart
22.  Christmas in Connecticut
23.  Random Harvest
24.  The Farmers Daughter
25.  Bachelor Mother
26.  The Women
27.  Waterloo Bridge 
28.  Midnight     

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