Body Language Read of Photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye

Body Language Read of Photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye

I think Kanye looks so odd in the kiss photo. Kanye looks like he is leaning in, but notice that he is holding his pelvis away in a way that shows he doesn't feel a real sexual connection with Kim. Kim Kardashian’s  odd downward turning smile and eyes, show she is having fun playing at the kiss, rather than in the kiss. Kanye’s fingers on her rear end  are oddly splayed out and barely touching as if he wants to look like he thinks she is hot, but doesn't feel Kim is hot.

I give the photo a 3 for pretending to be passionate.

The photo of Kim in that fantastic draped coat and Kanye looking like a prisoner. Goodness his forlorn stare off in the distance and pulled down at the corners of the mouth and stiff posture, look like he is going to the gallows.  See how she holds his arm but pulls back and does not lean in towards him.  He does not respond or react. He looks more like a statue that she is posing with in a museum. This is truly a creepy photo.

I give it a 0.

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