Patti's Latest Novel Suggestion - Kate Atkinson's Human Croquet (1997)

Last night I started a novel by Kate Atkinson called Human Croquet (1997).  It’s not an easy novel, but goodness it is good. There is one passage where a character who was adopted as a baby by an older couple is discussed that says, they were an old couple who only knew about gin and canasta so they taught him both. She describes the character’s little quirks of body language so very well. If you have not read her work start with behind the Scenes at the Museum and go from there.
Her novels are wonderful, but often very slow hard reads. The detective novels are the Jackson Brodie novels.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum (1995) – winner of the 1995 Whitbread Prize
Novels Featuring Jackson Brodie (former police inspector, now private investigator):
Television adaptations
The four Jackson Brodie novels have been adapted by other writers for the BBC under the series titled Case Histories, featuring Jason Isaacs as Brodie.

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