"Tie Signs" How Do You Know If He Likes You? Body Language and Attraction Tie Signs

"Tie Signs" How Do You Know If He Likes You? Body Language and Attraction Tie Signs

I just did an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine on attraction signals. One set of body language cues that can show liking and attraction are tie signs. 

A man touching you affectionately when you are in public spaces can serve as a ‘tie sign’ that shows others that you are his partner and or that you are “taken.” When a man reaches out to hold hands, puts his arm around you, puts his hand on the center of your lower back to guide and protect you, he his giving you and others  ‘tie signs’ showing others that you are together. The use of ‘tie signs’ is used more often by couples in the dating and courtship stages than between their married counterparts according to Burgoon, Buller, and Woodall.

Studies have also shown gender difference in who touches when. In the initial stages of a relationship, men often follow gender roles and go first, touching first and most often. Men tend to touch more and after initial touch in casual relationships and as the relationship became more intimate during serious dating. American culture still dictates that men make the first move.

Do be careful of any signal that indicates the man possesses you as an object rather than a desire to link his body with yours in a way that shows connection. Puff Daddy often takes his arm and holds a woman around her back and neck and lets his hand dangle in front. The arm around shows ownership with the dangling hand rather than hand touching and or gently cupping her arm shows a desire to overwhelm rather than tenderness.  

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