Watching an Awkward Movie with Your Parents or Family Members The Body Language of Awkward Family Movies

Watching an Awkward Movie with Your Parents or Family Members The Body Language of Awkward Family Movies

What's the most awkward movie you've seen with your parents/siblings, etc.?

Have you ever watched a movie that had perhaps violence or sexy content with your parents or anyone else and it made you or them uncomfortable? How did they handle it? How did you handle it?

I saw two movies with my mom in the last few years that were squirm worthy. She is in her 90’s and enjoys a great comedy and good drama. She had a really hard time with the condom scene in, “Knocked Up” and was squirming.  I am so use to watching movies with sexual humor that I forgot I was going to be watching the movie with my mom.

My mom had such a hard time talking about sex that when I went off to grad school after my father died, having never had the “talk” my mom, who was so naïve, had to screw up her courage to blurt out her first comment recognizing that I might have premarital sex by saying, “Make sure you wear a condominium.” Yes, you read that right. I am a female and I was told to wear a several story building. Of course I was naive as well, the last nonalcoholic virgin to graduate from Florida State, so I had never even gone to the condominiums aisle of the drug store. Smile.

But I forgot I was with my mom again and we are watching another movie with the family and she was squirming, tapping her hand on the sofa arm, averting her gaze from the screen and huffing so much in the first part that I realized there is no way my mom can watch “The Kids are Alright” we had to change the channel. Ah well.

Another family dilemma is watching a movie or drama on TV with my brother-in-law.
I have known my brother-in-law since I was 4 years old. He and my sister were friends in their teens, and they dated other people in High School.

Recently we were watching the fabulous film, “The Best Offer” and realized I was uncomfortable watching the love scenes with my sister and brother-in-law on the Barco lounges next to me!  I had curled up into a little ball on the sofa and was making faces. I was really uncomfortable. I think I was also creeped out by the old guy, young girl together.

By the way, I am always tense watching the TV show, “The Masters of Sex.”

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