Body Language Read of Bethenny Frankel and Mac

In the bathing suit shot above, I love that they are facing towards each other with all the lower body windows open to each other. I also like how the very strong Bethenny has her hands resting on his shoulders in a way that shows she is beginning to trust and rely on him. Wish they were looking in each other eyes.  I give this couple a 4 on Life & Style's True Love Rating Scale. 

The above photo of them walking ( love the red boots) I like that they are on the same walking plane, neither one ahead of the other. (Bethenny is typically a walk in front person in a couple). I also like how his arm is reaching out to touch her. I like that her purse is on the outside. But they are not close together so I give them a 3 on Life & Style's True Love Rating Scale.

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