Can You Send a Text to Communicate a Death?

With the addition of technology, we now have many ways to communicate a message. We need to be smart about the choices we make. Because there are more ways to put your message across, it is easier to make the wrong choice.  For example, if you are delivering a message that may elicit a strong emotional response in the receiver you should not use a text or email to transmit it. It is not just unprofessional; it can be unfeeling and cowardly. I was appalled to find out that in the Malaysia Airlines disaster, the airline officials sent a text message to the passenger’s families to tell them flight MH370 ended up in the Indian Ocean. They couldn't make a phone call?!

You may think that at work you have given out a lot of information and data to be credible. The amount is less important than what you say and how you say it. When you speak in person it is an opportunity to see and hear what emotion or emotions the person or people you are communicating with have, as well as an opportunity for you to acknowledge their emotions and if you need to shift the way they think, feel and act. 

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