Body Language Read of George Clooney and Amal

Wow! I am going to be unusually critical.  Look how Amal in this photograph from the red carpet at the Golden Globes. She looks like a haughty film star (I see Joan Crawford) about to receive her academy award. Notice how her torso from the waist up is pulled up and away from George and her chin is jutted up and away from and she looks away from him. It looks like she is saying in her little thought bubble, "I still have my pride." Notice how her arms are held stiff and straight down at her sides with the hands cupping back onto herself in response to his arm around her waist. Her stiff postured retreat and chin up and out make it look like she is a proud prisoner held against her will, but gosh darn it she will stay to get her award for wife of George. George is tightlipped. His feet are pointed more towards her and he has his arm around her. He is trying. She is mad and wants attention. I give this couple a one on Life & Style's True Love Rating Scale.

The other photo George is making more effort to get close to her and reach his arm around her and bring his upper body and head close to her. She is resting her arm around him, but he is doing more of the giving. I like that she has her head tilted down close to him and has a nice relaxed open eyed smile and her torso towards him. This is a nice simple couple photo, I give this couple a four on Life & Style's True Love Rating Scale.

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