Was he lying? UFC champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine. Was Jon Jones Lying in His Media Interview About Cocaine Use. Body Language Expert Patti Wood Reads Jon Jones Body Language During Cocaine Use Interview For Yahoo.com

Recently UFC champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine ahead of his latest fight. There are rumors that he has a drug problem. He refuted these rumours in an interview yesterday, Here is my read to answer the question. Is Jon Jones honest in his replies.

I read the interview of Jon Jones cocaine drug test finding apology statement first then the Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Vicarious off Air Exchange. Jon Jones truly does have an on air off air personality and great media coach.
Though at first glance he seems amazingly calm, and matter of fact, if you look closely and examine his subtle nonverbal cues he shows tension. There are indicators he is holding his deep displeasure in; He pulls back on volume of his voice. She is speaking in clipped loud assertive voice; he is not matching her volume or assertiveness which would be normal if he was totally relaxed and revealing everything. Instead oddly we see this big ole guy whispering back his answers. ‘Watch how he presses his lips together in what I call pouty kiss mouth cue. Those are cues of the bad taste the question being asked and the answers he is giving feel to him.
Also listen to the little clicks as he moistens his lips, (The mouth gets dry under stress, could be stress of withholding information, but this is also a stressful interview.) Jones says, “I am not here to make excuses.” This is an interesting statement. People who are totally in integrity and revealing everything would not even feel the need to say that. He then follows that with,”... Basically, I was at a party?” Basically acts as a curtain word that covers up the truth and details of what happened at the party. I typically only hear someone use a curtain word in interviews and interrogations and court room testimony when they are hiding the truthful details. You don’t use “basically” in everyday conversations. Or for example, a scientist might use the word when trying to describe a complex process that he doesn’t want to spend the time describing to a novice to his field. Jones is not telling you how wild his behavior really was.
The “I am not going to blame…” speech, gives him a chance to blame.” It sounds like it was scripted from a Media coach. The phrase really works to make him look to the general public like he is being totally up front. 
“I don’t know what made me... (again the pouty kiss that shows he is displeased and not sharing everything.
“I am not a cocaine addict by any mean.” (He didn’t put an s on means; he didn’t finish the sentence, which shows his lack of certainly in that answer. He follows that with, “I am not even a frequent user.” That is an odd statement. He gets to define what a frequent user is. Practice liars use that kind of wording. In this case he can make that statement and appear honest, but it frequent user could mean so many things. (It is comparative to the words “sexual relations” in the, “I did not have Sexual Relations with that women,” admission of Clinton.) The one statement that he believes and feels the most strongly about it, “It was Really Dumb.”
Body language and Watch the bit of the tape, as he talks about telling his brothers and the one brother saying it is really common in the locker room, he does a tongue cleanse. Very normal cue that shows he would like to get the whole conversations about his brothers out of his mouth. Anyone would.
He actually gets more relaxed as he talks about not having to check into rehab. I like him more and more, which is highly unusual for a Confessions Apology statement Interview. That is so interesting.
He says, “…try to do things better.” His delivery was honest and the feel show say pacing was on the mark. I believe he wants to try to do things better. But do notice the limiter word TRY.
He honestly does feel bad about having let fans down.
Body Language Analysis of Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier vicious off air exchange.

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