Body Language Read of Model Gigi Hadid and Singer Cody Simpson

Body Language Read of Model Gigi Hadid and Singer Cody Simpson, by Patti Wood, Body Language Expert for Life & Style Magazine.

The body language of Model Gigi Hadid and singer Cody Simpson in the photo of her in that fabulous black dress is very stiff and awkward. It almost looks like they are on a Hollywood set up date rather than two people who like each other. Look how Cody leans away like she is a tree and he is a cute koala bear leaning out and away from her. His weight is out and away from her, his hand around her is held cupped away from her body and he leaves a big space between them at the hips and waist not wanting to show they are sexually connected. She is standing straight (like a tree) focused on the camera and her hand on his shoulder is also cupped out and away. Even though there are a few positive cues the negative override them so I give this couple a 1 on Life & Style’s True Love Rating Scale.

She is doing a Sports Illustrated pose in the bathing suit photo. Seems she has difficultly letting her model mentally go. He is showing “Ownership” cues. His right hand wrapped on top of her hand, his left hand wrapped around her pulled away arm with his thumb up showing his desire to have boyfriend power over her. His kiss gently placed on her cheek which softens the ownership cues. She is so posed she could be a big doll he is holding and kissing. She is not giving him very much just allowing him to kiss her and letting her fingers interlace with his. But notice the left shoulder blocking, her arm pulled away from him and even her hip jutted away from him. I can’t read her smile as sincere she is showing happiness, but she is a professional poser. He is giving a 4 photo rating but she, being so posed is a 2 so I give this couple a 2 on Life & Style’s True Love Rating Scale.

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