Testimonials From Patti Wood's Clients

Testimonials from Clients of Patti Wood, Speaker, Trainer and Body Language Expert

Your Evaluations were Outstanding and Filled with Superlatives
“The comments from your keynote evaluations where outstanding and filled with superlatives including  repeated comments such as , “ Awesome, Fascinating, Energetic, Informative, Highly Recommend, Amazing, Very Dynamic, Exceeded Expectations, Captivating, Fantastic, Very Engaging, Fun, Energizing, Just Terrific, Loved the interaction, Wonderful, Great information, Very Entertaining.”  There was even one of our favorites, “…so honored to learn from the best of the best!“
Stephanie Gunner
National Alliance for Grieving Children
Program and Communications Coordinator

Fantastic Presentation…
“It' been almost a week since your presentation and the team is still buzzing.  Your presentation was fantastic.  We've received great feedback from all levels of Management, our Account Executives and support staff that was in attendance.  I was very pleased to see the long line at your book signing and the multiple questions that came with it. We were also extremely pleased with the way you seamlessly incorporated our objectives and theme into your presentation.  It was like you were working with us for weeks.    I've been in the business world almost 30 years and never quite knew the proper protocol on how, when or how long to shake a woman's hand.  I now can confidently do this.”
Scott Bloom
Director, Optimum Business Sales Operations

Fresh, Motivating and Funny…highly recommend Patti...
“…one month later I am still getting comments from satisfied members who attended her body language symposium.  She was fresh, motivating, and funny.  She has a knack for making her point in a way you won’t forget.  Her simple tools to enhance the first impression you give are invaluable.  I walked into a member office the other day and laughed as two of the attendees to Patti’s class were standing there talking about one of Patti’s techniques!” “We enjoyed all of our speakers, but few stay with you like Patti does!  We highly recommend using Patti Wood as your next speaker.”
Libby Sheard, E-PRO
Little Rock REALTORS® Association

Absolutely Fantastic…A Joy to Watch in Action…
“I just wanted to thank you so much for coming and speaking to our members.  You were absolutely fantastic and a joy to watch in action. We hope to have you back very soon…. 
Dana Earl
Operations Administrator
Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS

An Ultimate Professional
“I am writing to say that I have had the privilege of working with Patti Wood on two separate occasions for our GFOA-PA Annual Conferences.  I have never before seen an audience on their feet within 5 minutes after the speaker took the microphone!
Patti has an amazing knack for involving every single attendee.  And they have such a great time!  She has people who have never met before sharing information, learning about and from each other. 
The first time I worked with Patti, she was virtually an unknown to our group.  Within 30 minutes after Patti ended her presentation, I was told by the committee that we had to have her return again the next year.  When Patti is on the Agenda, I know that my attendance is going to increase. 
Patti is the ultimate professional who takes time to learn about her audience and their professional needs so that she can customize her remarks to assure that the audience can relate.
I am happy to entertain any questions and will happily offer personal recommendations to anyone who may be considering working with Patti Wood.  I can assure you, it is a win-win situation.”
R. Keith McNally
GFOA-PA Program Coordinator

I Don’t Think I’ve Seen Our Group Laugh So Much!
 “On behalf of the New Mexico Court Reporters Association, I would like to sincerely thank you for a wonderfully entertaining and engaging show! Everyone truly enjoyed your spirited presentation on body language. I don't think I've ever seen our group laugh so much! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!”
Vanessa Arrieta,
NM CCR, RPR Past President NMCRA

Incredible Energy…
“Thank you so much for bringing your incredible energy and wonderful knowledge to us. I’ve been sharing some of your stories all week with co-workers! “
Susan Y. Shen Deloitte Consulting LLP 

Hired Patti Over 40 Times!
"I have hired Patti Wood over forty times to kick-off my seminars around the country and plan to use her six more times this year. She gets my audiences energized, focused and she teaches them skills that they can incorporate in their work life immediately. The first thing my audience members ask me when they're deciding on whether to register is, 'Is Patti going to be there?'" Yes she is!
Jeff Justice Seminars

Awesome Job…
You did an awesome job! An entire day of you giving keynotes in a studio for us. I think we have enough information captured to truly give us what we need for your videos. Now begins the edit process. We have so much great information from you that it will be difficult to decide what stays and what goes. We reported out to Richard and Ashley yesterday, and everyone felt that you showed up great on camera and delivered (as usual). I’m looking forward to April as well (When you are live with us again). Take care Patti, and rest easy knowing you did a great job for us!
Kenny Simon

The Best Conference because of You…
“….I heard …. our participants saying this years “Gathering of Eagles Conference”  was the best and that’s because of YOU!”
Dr. Penelope Schmidt
Executive Director of Advancement & Foundation South
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Outstanding Keynote…
“Thank you for your outstanding keynote presentation to kick off our Credit Insurer's Association meeting. The participants said you were excellent. You built up interest and momentum from your high energy session which carried throughout our meeting. The two days were abuzz with comments that showed how much fun they had and how much they learned such as "Did you see him put his hands in his pockets!" and "I cross my arms to think but, I'm not ADD." You really made a lasting impression. People came up to me and said they wanted more of you and “we could listen to Patti all day. “ I really appreciate you motivating our group. We are hoping we can have you back some time in the future so check your calendar.”
Beth Kastigar
Credit Insurers Association

Incredibly interesting…
“Great to listen to you and soak up so many great and valuable pointers on people and interactions. It was incredibly interesting. I thank you for presenting so masterfully and sincerely.”.
Kate Carpenter
Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens

We Could Have Listened to You For Several Hours More!
On behalf of my entire Builder 20 group I would like to thank you for a wonderful presentation Friday morning. It was very informative and we could have easily listened to you for several more hours.
Brian Builder 20 Group

You Have a Wonderful Way About You!
Didn't want this day to end without telling you how much the group and I enjoyed listening to you, learning from you and watching that body language! You have a wonderful way about you.
Mary Jo IHG

Best Presentation …
“I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent presentation at last week's entrepreneur expo. It was easily one of the best presentations and information sessions I have ever seen. I learned a lot about body language and the funny thing was that you start to see examples of it everywhere. From being at a bar talking with some friends to working with potential clients, it was just eye-opening to see how accurate your information was…”
Billy Gallagher
Florida Web Presence, LLC

Engaging…Enthusiastic and Insightful…
“Thank you so much for such an engaging program last night” “We were treated to an intimate, captivating gathering.” I wish I'd taken your program years ago and over and above anything else paid attention to my own 'gut'. Thank you for your enthusiasm and insights about so much.”
Lynn Cromer

“I thought your training was awesome! I will pass your information on to our Top Directors and Nationals at our next meeting and suggest they schedule an event for you to come in and talk to all of us.”
Linda Morris Future Director Mary Kay Cosmetics

You’re fantastic…
I have never been to a more delightful or interesting presentation. I started practicing what I learned and I just can't believe the difference it has made in such a short time. I am so glad you will be back next year; I am bringing friends to hear you speak. Thank you for the book, I have already started reading it. It really reinforces your presentation and makes a great reference manual too! Good luck and thank you.”
Patty Griffin
San Antonio Program

Patti is a rare individual…
“Patti is a rare individual…warm, funny, and so knowledgeable….you can really learn from her. Her programs are A1.”
Vickie Okoro 
Patti’s Audience Members Rave
About her Body Language Keynotes and Deception Detection Training

Excellent & informative Presentation…
“Thank you so much for such an excellent and informative presentation! Your enthusiasm about the subject is contagious….Thanks again for such an awesome presentation!”
Susan Meyer
UCB Pharm Group

You were Superb…
“You were superb!!!!! Thank you for the insight and the wonderful suggestions.”
Lynne A. Harper RN C COHN Manager
The Coca Cola Company

“Patti's workshop on Deception was amazing. The next day I looked at video clips of the politicians she mentioned. Then I stopped people in the locker room and at book group to tell them about Patti and her insights. Can't wait to use her tips with eHarmony matches! I'm getting a group together togo to Patti's workshop on Body Language.”
Marilyn Harris
Detecting Deception Class 

What Participants said about Patti Wood’s Presentation Skills Training

Hold on to Your Seats…
“Hold on to your seats! If you want to improve your presentation skills, Patti Ann Wood is the person to help. She will teach you how to grab your audience. Patti Wood is Excellent! You were the top rated speaker at our conference.
Denise Crowe

Patti is the Person to Help You…
If you need to be a better speaker Patti Wood is the person to help you. She will teach you how to grab your audience with tricks to hold your audience and help you build your presentation. Don't book her for just half a day, or one day as the audience wants to interact with her. Patti will WOW you!!”
Ana Woerner RN BS COHN-S
AAOHN Program 

·         Excellent!  Has boosted my self-confidence 100 %.
·         The seminar was excellent!  I noticed a big change in everyone's presentation skills     between the first and second day.
·         The best seminar I have ever attended.  The class exceeded my expectations, gave me effective and valuable tools to use, and increased my confidence in handling future presentations.
·         Outstanding course!  I've never had so much fun while learning so much.
·         Everyone no matter how experienced needs this class!
·         It was great to hear you speak today, and you made a fantastic first impression on all of us!
·         I feel like I will definitely be a better speaker following this class.
·         This course was very beneficial.  It helped to give me great confidence in doing future presentations.  I will greatly recommend this class to all my peers.  I especially enjoyed the body language section.
·         The Easy Speaking class has given me hot tips for future presentations.  Please note that this class was very beneficial.  Going forward--I have gained more confidence by coming to this class.
·          I expected to be bored and scared instead the course was interesting, well presented, informative and fun.  I will use the ideas for years to come.
·         What an enjoyable experience! Even though I came to the class both days “under the weather” (I have the flu), you made the days exciting and kept my energy level up. I learned things about presenting I never realized – I always thought “Power Point – less” presentations would be dry.  In fact, I know now the exact opposite is true! I am certain that I will surprise the people I present to from now on (especially those who have heard me before!)
·         After years of feeling my presentations were boring, I feel that I can now make my executive presentations dynamic!
·         Great program.  I liked your use of various activities to keep the audience stimulated and focused. 
·         Patti's enthusiasm for her subject matter is contagious!  Her memory will be etched in me based on her memorable stories and speaking experience.
·         I never saw a speech presented in so novel and unique a way – which met me in my primitive brain and it lodged in the hemispheres.
·         Fantastic enthusiasm and knowledge of subject.  I would highly recommend your seminar to other groups.
·         It was the best “two days” of training I’ve seen – in fact, I got more out of it than other longer classes.
·         I cannot possibly make any suggestions for improvement! My head is still spinning from all of the great information I learned in two days.  More importantly, you proved that it is not a very difficult task to do a good speech.  This was the best training class I’ve ever attended – regardless of the discipline! Thanks a million!!!
·         I am looking forward to my next opportunity to speak in front of a group, so I can try out all of these great lessons!  Two days ago, I wouldn’t believe I’d ever say that!
·         This was the best instructional class I’ve ever had.
·         I have to be honest and tell you when I got the email to be in class from 8:30-6:00, my first thought was OH MY GOD, what a long day.  But you do a great job of making learning fun, easy, energetic and the time just flew.
·         You are really good at what you do and you enjoy it and it shows! Thank you very much for the useful tips and tricks.  I’ll use them in my future training classes.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional - The Body Language Expert. For more body language insights go to her website at www.PattiWood.net. Check out Patti's website for her new book "SNAP, Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma" at www.snapfirstimpressions.com. Also check out Patti's YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/user/bodylanguageexpert.