List of Patti Wood’s Most Popular Speeches and Training Programs as a Body Language Expert and Professional Speaker

List of Patti Wood’s Most Popular Speeches and Training Programs as a Body Language Expert and Professional Speaker

First Impressions and Body Language
You meet someone, and on average, within 10 seconds you decide whether or not you like them. How is that first impression formed? Is your gut reaction accurate?  In this program you will learn to read the thousands of nonverbal cues hidden in the hello and the handshake that can make your interactions more genuine and more productive. Patti has done years of research on the topic to create this high-energy interactive program. It is great for an opening keynote or after dinner speech as participants practice their 10-count intuition, 3-pump handshake, bubble breaking and head nods throughout the convention or meeting.

Reach Out - Communication That Transforms (Motivational Speech)
When was the last time you had a conversation that affected you profoundly? What are you saying to people that can influence them in a positive way?
Do you feel that people are paying attention to what you have to say? In this motivational program, rich with stories, tears and laughter, you will learn ways to communicate and to transform by establishing meaningful rapport, uncovering commonalties that connect, discovering what makes each person unique and methods to be more receptive and open to others.

Success Signals —
Body Language in Business
Have you ever been in a business meeting and wondered what someone was thinking? Would you like to change your power and confidence through a simple shift in body language? Would you like to have the winning edge in sales and negotiations? Do you know how to spot a liar? Eye blinks to head tilts, palms up to leg locks, this extremely popular program, based on Patti’s’ research and book, teaches you how to read and use body language to become aware of hundreds of secret messages. The insights will help you gain and maintain your business relationships.

The Conflict Cure
Like traffic and taxes, conflict is inevitable. So many times when you’re dealing with a difficult person or situation you feel powerless. You think, "There is nothing I can do." But you do have power. You do have choices. In a conflict, you can see the other person as the enemy or choose non-defensive Options.  In this program, you will learn clear, effective choices to handle attacks and criticisms.  This program helps you: analyze the choices that you make in conflict, understand the origin of conflict, utilize the seven Handshake Options, and integrate conflict management tools into your daily life.

You Can Depend on Me — Teamwork, Team play and Teambuilding
Support, sharing, synergy. This program is a highly participative formula for creating esprit de corps. Participants walk out with a feeling of connectedness and have specific tools for nurturing teamwork. The program can also include: strategic planning, creating vision and mission statements, using personality type assessment, developing creative problem solving, learning team project tools and mastering change.

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