Three Great Books to Help You on Your Job Search

Three Great Books to Help You on Your Job Search
I am a professional speaker, body language expert and career coach. I recommend several books to my clients including; "Over-40 Job Search Guide" by Gail Geary, "Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type"and my book "SNAP –Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma." (One chapter in my book is dedicated to networking and one is dedicated to the nonverbal aspects of interviewing for a job. The SNAP book synopsis is below.
From business meetings and sales presentations, to customer and client interactions our ability to read people accurately and convey the right first impression drives the success and quality of our businesses. Body language expert Patti Wood, a sought-after consultant and speaker to Fortune 500 companies, helps you and your business stand out, and create profitable relationship with practical and proven guidance on accurately interpreting nonverbal cues and creating impressions both in person and digitally.
* Use your voice and body language to convey confidence and charisma, authenticity and authority
* Immediately discern people’s hidden agendas
* Make the best impressions via email, phone, video conferencing, and social networks
* Convey and interpret signals of likability, power, credibility, and attractiveness
* Use nonverbal tools to spot true integrity or recognize charming frauds
* Attract the best matches in business and romantic partners
* Recognize how you really look to others

Patti Wood MA, CSP
Body Language Expert

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