Patti's New Book - People Savvy

People Savvy is a great book to help you improve your awareness of yourself, your ability to read others.  Each chapter is a separate topic and can be read in any order your choose.

Table of Contents

1.       Introduction

2.       Patti’s Bio

3.       The Body Language of Listening – How to Be A Great Listener- Remember to Be                       G.E.N.T.L.E.R.

4.       Five Ways to Create A Great First Impression

5.       Recognizing DISC Personalities Through Their Nonverbal Cues a Body Language
Expert's Insights

6.       Conversation Cues – How Can You Tell When It Is Time To Talk  and  it is Time to Talk

7.       How to Let Someone Know When it is Time to Go

8.       Ten Tips for Self Promotion for Women -How to Brag Successfully, So You Don't Look Like      A Show Off

9.       Electronic Devices and the Brain -Why We Have a Techno Addiction

10.   Nonverbal Cues At Work

11.   Why Women Seek Comfort and Men Seek Solutions -Gender Differences in Our Responses To Stress

12.   What about Me? Narcissism and Reaching Out For a Real Conversation

13.   I’m Running Late, The Silent Signals of Lateness

14.   How to Handle Your Anger

15.   Being Fully Alive

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