Body Language for Fun and Successful Dating

I am working on a new flirting and dating workshop that will be offered in Atlanta in the Spring. Any suggestions and ideas?

 Body Language for Fun and Successful Dating
By Body Language Expert, Author and Speaker Patti Wood MA, CSP

Do you want to date and or have more fun and success doing it?  Would you like to know the signals that say, “I am attracted to you?” or “Leave me alone.” Would you like to tell a jerk from a keeper or a drama queen from “the one”? What are you telling others with your body language? Do you want to enjoy flirting and not feel like a first date is a job interview? Now you can learn how to subtly and sexily communicate what you want to a potential date or mate. Do you want to learn cutting-edge deception techniques to help you detect people who are “less than truthful?”  Then sign up for this high energy interactive humor filled program to gain an advantage in flirting, friending and finding the right person! Your will learn:
·         How to scout and work a room for fun safe dating choices.
·         Recognize top 3 body language cues to lure someone to you.
·         Increase the accuracy of your first impression reads of others.
·         Learn the one mistake that people typically make when trying to read flirting and dating   body language and how it can sabotage you.
·         Recognize “comfort cues” that may indicate someone is nervous, attracted to you or   lying.
·         Learn 3 secrets to having a fun phone call with someone new. (Yes, the ancient Phone!)
·         Two nonverbal tools to make you feel confident.
·         Three tips for just having fun on a date.
·         Opening the blind spot to your own dating body language impression.
·         Understanding the “Charismatic Factors” and how they affect your dating choices.
·         Using the best distance and talking position based on gender to create attraction and   increase honesty.
·         What part of the body is the most "honest?" and how you can use this to check for attraction and interest.
·         How to use your phone, texts and emails to create interest, and healthy relationships and not drive yourself crazy.
·         The three turnoffs behaviors guys do when flirting and dating that they may think are great.
·         The three turnoff behaviors that women do when flirting and dating that they may think are great.
·         Practice fun healthy ways to ask someone out and practice saying yes or no to a date.
·         Five cues women can use to look approachable and open for flirting and dating requests.
·         The healthy fun ways to use “safe touch” when flirting and dating and recognize the cues that other person feels safe and open to your touch.
·         Practice 5 ways to start fun conversations with strangers or on dates.
·         Practice 4 ways to deepen conversations that make you highly attractive and guarantee someone will want to go out with you again.
·         Four nonverbal cues that show you are listening attentively that make you “hot” to women.

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