Bernie’s body language. What does he really think about Hilary? Convention Endorsement.

Media sources are asking me what Bernie really thinks of Hillary.
I analyzed this clip that shows two of Bernie’s speeches. First, there is Bernie saying negative things about Clinton before the Democratic convention then in the same clip of his endorsement of her at the convention.

The first part of the clip shows Bernie Saunders’ body language as he talked about Hilary Clinton before the Democratic Convention and again during his speech at the convention when he endorsed her.
Bernie sanders endorsing Hillary and getting booed is in the second part of the same clip.
In the first part of this endorsement speech when Bernie is talking about Hilary’s lack of qualifications, he brings his arms and hands up to either side of his head, in what I call a “high head” gesture that shows he has confidence in what he is saying.

He gestures, giving air quotes just before the word “qualified” and says, “I don’t think you are qualified….” This is called before-say order. Bernie gesturing before words shows his authentic belief that she is not qualified to be president of the United Sates. In authentic Body Language, we gesture then says the words. Gestures come from the emotional limbic brain, so when we really feel something we feel it and show before we say it with words.

When he goes to say, “We have got to elect Hilary Clinton...” his gesture should have started and peaked at the word “got” but his arm came up slowly and hit downward as he pointed when he said the word “elect”. Instead, he motioned late and his gesture showed his lack of enthusiasm, and that electing Hillary is a downward move.

As he is quieting the crowd, he brings his arm and hand up high to pat down the crowds booing. These high above the head gestures show he knows he has power over the crowd. He also brings his hands up high on the right then on the left, in what is almost a slow motion flailing, drowning motion as if he is saying, “I know I have power and I am giving it up.” He then sways his hand up high with the crowd showing his connection to his brothers and sisters.

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