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 Programs Customized for You
Patti Wood MA

First Impressions and Body Language - For Conferences and other Networking Opportunities.
Attending a conference is a great opportunity to make connections, get new clients and strengthen your existing client relationships. In this program you will enhance your first impression skills and build your networking skills. You meet someone, and on average, within 10 seconds you decide whether or not you like them. How is that first impression formed? Is your gut reaction accurate?  In this program you will learn to read the thousands of nonverbal cues hidden in the hello and the handshake that can make your interactions more genuine and more productive and get you that contract. Based on Patti’s books: “SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma” and “GOING UP! Elevating Your Elevator Speeches.”

Pitch Perfect - Nonverbal Skills to Enhance Your Pitch Meetings.
In this program you will learn how to have professional presence to pitch to high level executives and learn to win over everyone with ease. You will learn how to read the audience and their nonverbal cues that show their level of interest, understanding, and whether they are convinced and in agreement.  You will also be able to generate active participation, and skillfully seek and answer questions. Based on Patti’s books: “Easy Speaking - Dynamic Delivery “and  “Easy Speaking - Q and A and Dealing with Difficult Audiences” and her chapter on presentation body language in the National Speaker Association’s book, “Paid to Speak.”

  • Nonverbal Methods to prevent problems before they happen
  • How to meet and greet with finesse
  • Use the agenda method to make Q and A work for you
  • Practice three ways to get potential trouble-makers on your side before you even begin to speak
  • 12 secrets to make Q and A the best part of your presentation
  • Learn five ways to recapture attention
  • Learn three ways to encourage participants, to talk and participate
  • Learn four ways to project powerful, self-confident body language so you don't get attacked
  • Learn two ways to use your voice to project power and self-confidence
  • How to use breathing to relax with a tough audience and other methods to counter anxiety and stress
  • How to close and call to action with confidence

Success Signals - Body Language in Business One-on-One

Have you ever started a one-on-one interaction with someone and wondered what the other person was thinking? Would you like to change your power and confidence through a simple shift in body language? Would you like to have the winning edge in sales and negotiations? Do you know how to spot a liar? Eye blinks to head tilts, palms up to leg locks, this extremely popular program, based on Patti’s’ research and books, “Success Signals Understanding Body Language” and “People Savvy Body Language,” you will learn how to read and use body language in one-on-one interactions. The insights will help you gain and maintain your business relationships. In this course you will not only learn to watch for cues but also to use questioning techniques and  special "monitoring" cues of your own to check for honesty. In addition, you will learn how to be a better listener and be and look credible in your business and personal relationships.

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