Trumps hug to Melania Trump at Convention.

Interesting, I am analyzing Trumps hug of his wife last night. US Weekly wants my read. Actually, it was not even a real hug. He held both her arms cupping his hands around her forearms to keep her at a certain distance from him. She also didn't go in close. There was heart to hat contact. No warmth. The extra peck he gave to her was an ownership peck to indicate, "she's mine I can do what I want with her." It's very distinct ice and different from that extra peck would give to somebody because we just love them so much and we want to just given that little bit of affection. Yes,They just pecked at each other.
it is important to know if the person being read has a an issue with PDA. Typically low PDA is associated with introversion and high C (on the DISC personality inventory. ) He is extroverted and a high D. He does not show warm affectionate touch. I went back and looked at candid photos. He gives sexual touch and dominance touch! And he shows aggressive body language overall.

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