Contempt and Sneer Body Language, Keisha Knight Pulliam's Body Language- What is she Really Saying part two (contempt)

We see another example of body-mind disagreement when Keisha is asked about the paternity of her child and she says "that is not an issue". She flashes this asymmetrical smile that registers as contempt.

Contempt is a very complex emotion. It registers on one side of the face with an asymmetrical smile that show inconsistency between how we feel and what we say. Contempt can mean many different things. It can mean "I'm getting one over on you" or "I have just lied to you and I'm getting away with it". It can also mean someone has taken the moral high ground or they think that they are better/smarter/cooler than someone. John Gottman has done a lot of research to show that the number one sign of a failing relationship is contempt. Relative to Keisha's situation,she could be showing contempt towards her husband because of the situation but when you combine this with the rest of her body language cues, it registers as cause for concern.

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