Personality Insight - What’s your pizza personality?

Personality Insight
What’s your pizza personality?

Pizza is so popular that most of us have developed  one of four main pizza-eating styles—Influencer, Careful Corrector, Supporter and Driver—that aligns with our personality, says Patti Wood (, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma. Just find your “pizza personality” to learn more about yourself!

If you . . .

Start with the crust
You’re an Influencer!
“Folks who dig in to the crust first are unique—they like to set trends and are often admired for
their independent way of doing things,” notes Wood. Whether you’re ordering an unusual combination
of toppings or encouraging your friends to try a new, hip pizza place, you’re always ahead of the

Use a knife and fork
You’re a Careful Corrector!
“Eating pizza with a knife and fork is so neat and meticulous, it shows that you love to solve
problems and fgure things out,” Wood says. Indeed, Careful Corrector is an apt description for you
because you’re an analytical thinker
who solves puzzles easily and tends to be a perfectionist. No wonder you always know where to fnd
the best slice of pizza in town: You won’t settle for less!

Fold your pizza 
You’re a Driver! If you’ve mastered the folding technique, you’ve hit on what might
just be the most efficient way to eat pizza, notes Wood. “You’re likely a take-charge Driver, as
those who eat their pizza this way don’t mess around wasting time!” she says. “Strong and confdent,
you make quick decisions and stand by them.” A leader in things both big and small, you’re as
comfortable helming a work meeting as you are throwing a pizza party.

Vary your style
You’re a Supporter!
Do you sometimes fold your pizza and other times simply dig in straight away? Varying your
pizza-eating style implies you’re creative and unconstrained by habits. It also suggests that
you’re a sensitive, free-spirited Supporter, says Wood. “Supporters want
to make sure everyone has a slice of pizza before they grab their own and tend to be sociable—they
love having their friends and family over for a relaxing pizza party.”

—Kristina Mastrocola
Women's World Magazine

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