Children’s Team-Building Activities

Best Children’s Team-Building Activities – As Suggested by the Experts

Since the launch of MomoandMe in January, I wanted to write about the team building activities for children. As a newbie blogger, I’ve been amazed by all the top ten’s lists and was nowhere close to choosing the best ones. That’s the reason we asked the experts to reveal the most effective children’s team-building activities. Read on to discover each expert’s favorite children’s team-building activities along with their awesome benefits!

Patti Wood is a BA and MA certified professional in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication. Her programs include body language, presentation skills, sales, and media interviewing. “Patti Wood is the Babe Ruth of body language experts, the gold standard of body language experts, and the capo di tutti capi of body language experts.” – The Washington Post. As per Patti, research indicated that children who show their emotions clearly and can decode the emotions from others peoples facial expression are the most popular and tend to have higher grades.

Facial Recognition Team Building ExerciseHave the children sit in a circle and take turns having the rest of the group guess what their facial expression means. Another way to use facial expression cards or photos. Arrange these facial expression cards online and put them up and have the children work on guessing the right feeling in small groups and then go through the facial expressions of the whole group to check who got the correct answers while the teacher breakdowns the features that create each emotion.

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