The Perfect Realtor Headshot: 25 Ideas &Tips from the Pros

I was featured in an article for Fit Small Business and my insights are below highlighted in yellow on how to practice posing for your head shot.   The link to the actual article is at the end of this blog post.

The Perfect Realtor Headshot: 
25 Ideas &Tips from the Pros

By Emile L'Eplattenier on June 13, 2016

Your realtor head shot should be the keystone of your personal brand. If you are spending money to advertise your profile on places like Zillow Premier Agent, it’s even more important.
In this article, you’ll learn 25 tips from professional photographers, body language experts, and data from photo feeler, to make sure your realtor head shot is sending the right message about your brand.  For our industry, that message should be that you are trustworthy, competent, and confident enough to help people through one of the most important decisions of their lives.  

How to Look Trustworthy in Your Realtor Headshot

1. Smile
According to a study published in the journal of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people who looked happier in photographs were viewed as more trustworthy, while people who looked unhappier were viewed as less trustworthy. Both happy looking and unhappy looking people were viewed as equally competent, but when asked who they would choose to be their financial advisor, test subjects chose the happier looking person every time.
Studies from came up with virtually identical results; people who smiled in their headshot were seen as far more likable and influential than those that didn’t, but only very slightly more competent. The takeaway here should be obvious.

General posing tips

21. Practice Your Pose before Your Shoot
Body language expert Patti Wood, MA, CSP recommends practicing several different poses in the mirror before your shoot to find one that fits your personality. Remember that crossing your arms can make you appear powerful, but closed off or defensive. If you find crossing your arms fits your personality best, Patti recommends crossing your arms loosely.

The Bottom Line
A great head shot should be the keystone of your personal branding efforts. Taking the time and effort to hire a professional photographer, working on your confidence, smile, wardrobe and pose, can offer a great ROI, and put you one step further down to path to achieving your goals.

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