Trump and Clinton Laughter and the Candidates and Body Language Expert

Trump does laugh, but it’s a more of a quick heh heh. You don’t see him in public with his head back laughing.  His laugh would be quick.  He is a driver on the DISC personality inventory with some Influencer.  I have done several research studies on DISC and various body language movements including laughter.
Clinton is a C controller with Driver. C's typically laugh more internally rather than externally. And C's only luagh when they really mean it so it's been hard for her to fake her smile for the public, 

High D Driver personality motivated by: Control, Dominance and Challenges.  Their personality moves outward and direct through their body language. They are expressive with their non-verbals. Their fists fly through the air and their language can be colorful. If they overuse their tendencies, they may move to quickly or interrupt and not let your finish your sentences. Confident and very direct

High I Personality – Influence – DiSC Behavioral Styles are motivated by: Popularity, Status and Approval.  Their personality spirals out and upward in it’s expression. They laugh easily and generally elicit smiles and laughter you. Their enthusiasm can be contagious. If they overuse their tendencies, they can be perceived as insincere or flippant. Infectious Laughter Entertains Others

High S Personality – Steadiness – DiSC Behavioral Styles are motivated by: Traditions, Status Quo and Stability.  Their personality is inward and reserved, constant and subtle. Their slow movement and gentle energy is inviting.  If they overuse their tendencies, they can be indecisive and slow to action. Maintains Low Profile

High C Personality – Conscientious – DiSC Behavioral Styles are motivated by: Order, Precision and Proper Ways.  Their personalities have have the lowest level of natural movement. They appear formal and structured. If they overuse their tendencies, they can appear rigid and are often perceived as critical and serious. People often tell them to “Lighten Up!” Controlled Perfectioni

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