Body Language Read of J Lo and Drake by Patti Wood Body Language Expert

Jennifer Lopez and Drake have everyone talking about their new romance after they both posted an intimate photo of themselves snuggling up to the camera. Is their relationship all for show or is it the real deal? reached out to top body language expert Patti Wood who gave us the EXCLUSIVE 411 on this sexy pair.

There’s no mistaking that Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, look like one happy couple in the adorable photo they both shared on Instagram on Dec. 28. And body language expert Patti Wood agrees! “It’s significant that JLo’s eyes are closed because she’s typically looking at the camera. In this photo, she’s in the moment with Drake,” Patti explains. “The eyes closed is a very vulnerable way of presenting herself non-verbally. In the moment means she’s actually experiencing the connection with him.” Awe!
What about Drake? Is he just playing games with the megastar or does he have real feelings for the beauty? “I like how Drake’s arm is wrapped around JLo and how his hand is wrapped lightly around her wrist with his relaxed fingers. This shows that Drake is confident and relaxed,” Patti tells us. “It makes the moment more tender as well. I think she feels cherished by him, that he’s a sweetie-pie. Her body is relaxed. She’s cuddled in.” We love it!
As we told you earlier, J.Lo seems to be quite taken with the Canadian singer. In fact, the mother of two is “smitten” with Drake, a source revealed to PEOPLE.  “Jen is looking forward with excitement to the new year. She keeps hanging out with Drake, and he has visited her house,” a friend of J.Lo’s told the outlet. Sounds serious!

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