How Does Trump's Touch Effect Melania? Trump and Melania's Relationship Body Language

Here is an interesting piece I am working on for the media.
I have been watching it over and over frame by frame.
Note though she is slightly nervous with her arms close to the side and shoulders down how she she responds with a wonderful full uplifted smile as the crowd applauds her, and her head lifts and she continues smiling warmly and flips her head back to let her hair bounce in a really nice preening motion, knowing she looks good to the crowd.. She is enjoying herself in that moment. Then she sees Trump ( Who doesn't engage with her visually) walk towards her and you have several frames, most dramatically at 7 seconds where her mouth turns down, her facial muscles collapse down and her eyes go small and you see a combination of sad and mad. Then as he touches she her she jerks away very quickly and looks down and huffs out air. A very interesting response to being touched by your husband.
His timing, at her high moment and his tight smile and lack of eye contact, and her response make it appear he was not happy and the touch was an admonishment, rather than a comforting touch.
The clip can be seen in the following tweet:

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