T.I. & Tiny Faking Their Love - All For Show!

Patti read the body language of T. I. & Tiny as they celebrated their daughter's birthday....read her insights below:

Hmm. T.I. and Tiny looked like the picture-perfect couple while celebrating their daughter’s birthday together on March 26. But HollywoodLife.com showed their family photo to a body language expert, and we’ve learned there may be more to the photo than meets the eye. Get all the details here!

“If you look at the full ‘effect’ of his face, T.I. is showing displeasure and the fingers of his hand that would normally be held curled and held tightly together to show connection and affection, are spread out and held straight, with no bend at the knuckles. He is posing. Tiny is in bliss as she looks at her daughter. She is happy being with her daughter, but not necessarily with her estranged husband,” body language expert Patti Wood tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

These shocking claims are based on a photo T.I. shared from his daughter Princess Heiress‘ birthday party over the weekend. In the picture, he’s posing with estranged wife, Tiny, and their kids. “Brought Disney World to US!!!! #GodisGood #HappyBirthdayHeiress#ProudPops #TodayWasAGreatDay,” he captioned the image on March 26. Obviously, he seemed very happy to be with his family, but according to Patti Wood, it was all for show.

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