Why Do You Make Sounds and Curse Under Stress? - Limbic Brain

Why Do You Make Sounds and Curse Under Stress? - Limbic Brain

Why do we swear when we are surprised or scarred or do something like stub our toe or hurt ourselves?

Why do we take a sharp inward breath or make an odd sound like, "oh" as we bump into someone? Or make a “ahh" sound when we are cut off by another car? What causes us to make those noises when something surprising and or scary is about to happen?

Your limbic brain is engaged when you are surprised, stressed or in danger.  Language is in the thinking rational neocortex.So when you’re in your limbic brain you do not have access to language as you know it, but you can make sounds. 

Our emotions are in our limbic brain so often those sounds we make communicate the emotions we are experiencing in that awkward moment.

Some researchers believe the only language that comes from the limbic brain are cuss words, so for example, when you stub your toe, you say a cuss word you didn’t even know you knew!

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