Group Narcissism, Narcissistic Supply, Character Assassination, Smear Campaign, Lie Seeding and Narcissists.

called group narcissism

Group Narcissism, Narcissistic Supply, Character Assassination, Smear Campaign, Lie Seeding and Narcissists. Groups act as a  Narcissistic Supply feeding a Narcissists with emotions, love admiration, tension, drama. It is all very delicious supply for the Narcissists.

If you are a victim/target of a Narcissists in a group you can't win. If you see them for their true self instead of their masks false self they must eliminate you. They will destroy your character with lies, and gossip behind your back, assassinate your good character, smear you and try to get the group to ostracize you.  The entire group will show its character in how they treat you during the attack. If they don't don't make healthy moral choices they too many become unmasked. (See below group narcissism.  War doesn't work. Whenever we push back against (The narcissists) something, all it ever does is energies it, confirm it more and feed it energy to push back harder.
We are never going to eliminate abuse and narcissists by doing that ….
Narcissists are pathologically unconscious. The narcissist has no ability to go inwards, face and deal with original wounds and up-level the very reasons as to why he or she projects inner wounds onto others and blames people for them. The narcissist is not going to heal his or her original inner wounding and break the vicious self-defeating cycle of trying to gain validation of self from the outside.
We will never force the narcissist to, and we will never protect people by focusing intense energy on narcissists.
The only remedy we ever have is to heal our own unconsciousness so that we are never again a match for another unconscious person.
When enough people do that – narcissists will no longer be able to groom “the outside” for supply. Conscious people simply do not get picked off by energetic predators.
You can only get picked off by a narcissist if you have.
In group narcissism, we see a parallel phenomenon: an unquestioning loyalty and admiration for the group and its ideals and an intense fervor in the persecution of any person who questions the authority of the overarching ideals of the group. Now, as Fromm explains, “[an] individual, unless he is mentally very sick, may have at least some doubts about his personal narcissistic image. The member of the group has none since his narcissism is shared by the majority” (ibid., p.204). So here we see the reason why narcissistic individuals show a tendency to gather together in groups: it works as protection and amplification of their own narcissism. One would expect the narcissist to be ‘above’ such social conformity, but, actually, this often represents a stepping up of his pathology. It is also gratifying to the weak and untalented narcissist since he becomes a giant by belonging to the group.
Its devotees are often mistaken for nice fellows, who are socially mature and respectful towards other people. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a chimera. Such people are only providing for their own narcissism by way of reflection in the group. Scratch on the surface, and a nasty intolerance appears. Many psychologists tend to view the social group as an ideal for the individual to attain. It’s an oversimplification. They are blind to the fact that there is a pathological version of social life 

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