Body Language of Hillary, Obama, Trump and Melania at the presidential Inauguration

Here is a piece I did on the body language of Hilary, Obama, Trump and Melania at the presidential inauguration.

EXCLUSIVE - Hillary is fearful, Trump is selfish, and Obamas are sympathetic to Melania because Donald does not attend to her needs: Body language expert gives inauguration insights
  • Hillary Clinton appeared 'fearful' before making her entrance at inauguration on Friday says body language expert Patti Wood, pointing to how her body froze
  • 'She is steeling herself to make this entrance and her freeze response shows that she has a stark fear about what is going to happen,' said Wood
  • Wood also said it showed 'weakness' when Hillary kept her eyes on the ground and her feet when she walked down the steps to her seat
  • Meanwhile, the relationship between Barack and Michelle Obama is just as perfect as it appears based on their body language said Wood
  • The couple were also sympathetic to Melania Trump when she arrived at the White House on Friday said Wood, with the Obama s realizing she was nervous
  • Donald is selfish at times and does not a read the rest on the link.

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