Body language expert explain Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship

Body language experts explain Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship 
If you found yourself watching the presidential inauguration and thinking, ‘Geez, you could cut the tension between Donald and Melania Trump with a knife’ you weren’t alone.
During the President’s first week in office, social media has been quick to scrutinise the relationship between the new First Family — and how it compares to that of former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.
On Inauguration Day, the Trumps stepped out of their black security car to greet the Obamas who were waiting outside the White House.
This was the first moment body language expert, Patti Wood — who has been studying interactions between celebrity couples for more than 20 years — noted as the first flaw in the unit.
“What I didn’t see when they stepped out of that car was warmth or tenderness,” Ms Wood told
“There were several ways in which Trump could’ve waited for his wife before greeting the Obamas, which he failed to do.
“Instead, he walked ahead and left her behind, showing that he is more important and takes precedence.”
Ms Wood said that while President Trump could’ve escorted the First Lady up the stairs, or given the gift to the Obamas as a couple — “he didn’t make the choice we wanted him to make”.
“The big ticker for me is that he didn’t even look back, check on his wife and formally introduce her to the Obamas,” she said.
“He didn’t make eye contact or smile at her, and he didn’t bring her into the fold.
“During the gift exchange, it looked like he had told her what to do with the box.
“It didn’t indicate they were a unit.”
Ms Wood said while the day is about the new President, the meeting at the White House is more a family exchange — from one unit to another.
“The Obamas made her feel welcome, but I didn’t see him make her feel that way,” she said.
“Meeting at the White House is for one family welcoming the other, but from what we saw — it didn’t look like the Trumps were a unit.
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