Photo Read of Kisses for BBC

There are several striking things about this photo. Notice first how far he is leaning towards her from where he is standing. See the huge weight shift that puts him off balance and leaning down and onto her cues that show how far he will go to get to her and what risk he will take to be with her. Notice the secure comfortable wrap of his fingers around her. I love that though her face is scrunched up and her lips aren’t soft and merged into his in romantic kiss, she is laughing and playful, combined with her hand up about to touch him intimately on the side of the face. She shows with these cues her playfulness and tenderness and because, it’s often the man who cradles and or touches the side of their partners face, her power.

Very passionate kiss, especially for a public kiss, all their lower body windows appear to be touching, (black on black is hard to read) but looks like heart window, ventral front window and pelvic window are touching, I like how her right hand is sunk into his back forcefully pulling him towards her with strength and passion and they have their mouths not just outer lips connected and kissing. For decorum’s sake she has her left hand straight down, which gives him more power in this photo. I also like how his face has the hint of playfulness on it.

Tender cheek kiss, love how she hold her head high up and towards him with a smile that goes all the way up to her eyes showing true joy.

Above she shows some awkwardness and reluctance in letting the front of her body connect, Note how she arches out at the pelvis so there is not a sexual connection in this formal photo. But he is showing such tenderness, holding his head tilted close to her and his hand up and around her shoulders. I love that you can see, even with just a view of the side of her face that she is smiling. They are tender and happy with each other.

Above, love the sweet loving kiss he gives to the side of her head. The way he does that makes me read that he does that tender enduring kiss often. She is leaning sideways to bask in his tender kiss, and look at her full open mouth smile. The other rather remarkable set of cues is their matching hand raise that shows they are in synch with one another, and that he feels comfortable and connected to her power.

Above her in teal dress. She really wants to have a good smooch. She is tilting her head to the side and forward to get a passionate kiss. He is more reticent, pursing his lips, but smiling with his eyes and with his fingers pushing her slightly away to formalize the kiss. Note how her visible hand is down at the side almost frozen in place, letting him run the power connection. 

Note above that she is opening her torso, heart and mouth window towards him and he is choosing to keep his lower windows behind the podium and turned toward the camera, and his mouth window, the obviously most important window to open for a kiss is closed and the lips are closed and mouth is turned down and the muscles pulled back slightly and chin wrinkled and tucked back, and eyes partially closed, all cues of disgust, (though lacking the single most important cue of disgust a wrinkled nose. Just his head goes forward slightly. Note how both have their arms and hands down. The arms and hands touching a partner often signal tenderness and connection. Lacking totally from this photo. May be situationally determined as he is behind the podium and he likes to maintain presidential power body language in public photos 

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