Alpha Signals Are Not Clear Signals a Man is Unfaithful

Do Alpha Signals mean a man is unfaithful? Not really! Here are my notes for the story I did for "The Independent." If you look at my notes below then read the article at the below link you can see a difference in what I sent them and the story. 

Alpha signals are not automatically a signal that a man is being unfaithful. However attraction and sex may create an increase in testosterone and creates subtle changes in the body like increased skin tone. Men may also preen standing taller. So they may be seen a bigger. They may also increase their size by elevating and pushing out their chest, pulling back their shoulders and giving off strong alpha male signals.

The broad leg stance is particularly interesting. Legs held apart when standing provide a stable base for the person. Standing with feet about the width of the shoulders is a normal, relaxed pose.

Slightly wider indicates that the person feels grounded and confident.  A wider stance makes the body wider and hence appear bigger and is a signal of power and dominance. This also takes up more territory and shows domination.  Taking a stable position is readying the body in case the other person attacks. So it may show that a man has a new mate he wants to guard.

Open legs displays makes the males sex organs vulnerable, showing, “I am so strong you won’t even attempt to hurt me, I am fearless." This display can be a sexual display (especially men to women) or a show of power (especially between men).

Legs planted firmly and far apart (more than 9 inches apart) is primarily a mail pelvic display. It is a way of saying, “This is my space, I own it and I am not moving.”  It’s an alpha signal because it highlights the male’s external sex organs saying, “I am man.”

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