How Did Woody Allen Get Away with Abusing His Daughter? By Using Character Assassination.

The article below clearly illustrates how Woody Allen assassinated his victim's mother character to cover up his abuse. Abusers often call their victims and their victims defenders crazy! 

I analyzed the 60 minutes video they referred to in this piece for CNN when it appeared years ago. It was clear he was lying then. The point now is to not be complicit. Don't let his art and success blind you to his pathology. We are seeing in our culture a seismic shift. Seeing evil is hard, the cognitive dissonance in your brain says, "But I have always liked him and he is a funny man and how can he be a creepy man?" It makes you feel uncomfortable. Many of have to admit we looked the other way, and went to see his movies anyway, but now it is clear we need to stop. You can't give his behavior a "pass". Morally we must see evil and stop it. If you are thinking, "Oh he abused his daughter years ago, whats the big deal?"  read the article to see how his daughter suffered for all those years because we refused to call him out.

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