Trump's Body Language, the National Anthem.

I am doing body language reads for the national media on President Trump singing the national anthem last night and how he didn't seem to know the words. Here is one of my body language reads of Trump during the national anthem. This is profoundly telling. If you say you believe in something and that belief is an important part of who you are then your behavior should match your beliefs. 
Trump knows he is being scrutinized. He says he believes in the sacredness of the National Anthem and that it is part of who is an American, but he can't be still and hold is sacred, nor does he sing all the words with commitment. In all my Facebook and blog posts when I see behavior that is in-congruent like this or abhorrent say, such as gross sexual misconduct I am asking that readers examine themselves and work on being congruent to raise the integrity of our country. So, in this case do you say something is important to you, say the national anthem, your family, your faith, your personal integrity, and or your country work to insure that your behaviors match your stated belief.

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