Hand Holding Styles, Different ways of holding hands and what they mean.

Patti Wood body language expert hand-holding styles. Touch process oxytocin and handholding that simultaneously gives someone else that chemical pleasure and extends the pleasure longer than a normal brief touch is quite magical. It’s one of my favorite sets of couple behaviors to interpret because it shows not only the connection and confidence in the connection between the members of the couple but also potentially the power dynamics and passion and tenderness.  I have over the years of analyzing hand holds created names for the hand embraces.

Interlaced Hold –(Fingers of both hand-holders interlaced with each other.) There is so much wonderful mutual contact in this hold it typically shows a matching and mirroring of romantic feelings and affection. It's my personal favorite to see in couples and do with a sweetie!

Firm Grip Hold – This handhold like some others is on a continuum as you can hold partners firmly to show confidence in your feelings and show support through a moment that I see sometimes when celebrity couples are trying to avoid the paparazzi or a couple in going through the grief that shows that gripper is saying, “I have got you and I won’t let go you can depend on me? hand so extreme and over the top in the pressure that  marks or the blood drain that shows the desire of the one partner to control his or her mate that I see sometimes in couples where one is concerned that someone is after their mate.

Holding hands with palms pressing interlocking fingers and palms pressed show a body’s desire to connect. Woods warns there could be some holding back from a person who arches their palms or is awkward with holding hands. It also may be a way of comforting someone who is in pain or healing in a gentle protective manner.

Hand Rest Hold –One embracing partner had their hand out flat or semi-flat and the other gently rest theirs on top. This can be seen in formal situations and Netflix and chill couch sharing sessions to touch in a way that shows you care and want to be connected but is gentle and comfortable to last through the house so binge-watching. 

Double handhold – (with one hand on top and you're other on the bottom) For example, his right and her left and then take your other hand to press down on top of the held hands. This handhold typically is given either formally to show the bond of the couple formally in a wedding ceremony or to show the strength of the bond and or signal of a special moment of the bond say during or after the birth of the child. This handhold is also given in comfort or to show caring strength or the special healing power of a nurse or doctor or priest to the congregant, or rabbi.  

Gallant Handhold -This gentle and formal handhold lifts and leads. The photo below the handhold is not about romantic love but about gallantry. It’s a formal way to show honor respect and potentially help and support a woman walk, move to say in and out of a car safely. I see it given to the Queen by her husband and in the military, it was the way the soldiers that escorted the wives and children into events or the grooms escort guests down the aisle of the church. 

Leading Security Guard Hold. This a variation of the gallant hold, but instead of gentle formal showing or support it’s a power grip hold that’s more passionate and stronger where the partner, holds more of the hand and pulls and leads 

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