Body Language Expert, Trump at El Paso Rally

Trump Supremely Confident He'll Win in 2020

Never lacking in confidence, President Trump has the air of a leader who feels fully in charge, 
according to experts on body language.

Well, I didn't say that in my analysis, but I did do a read for the media. Some of my rough voice to text notes.

What I see in the rally is something I would expect Trump has much more energy and verve he’s moving around more he’s just stringing up and away from his body is just as were much more close to the body and subdued and his State of the Union. He has a specific voice that he uses during his rallies that is more of a yell more of a coach sending his team out to play. What I see also is distinctly different is how much fun he’s having. A few minutes and there’s some great footage where he says something to the effect of, ".. there’s nothing more fun than a Trump rally." and the turns to the crowd. He typically has one or two lines of women right behind him at his rallies typically they’re young and have blond hair and he’s a little bit of a mix an agent here for he typically has one or two lines of women right behind him at his rallies and typically they’re young and have blond hair.
At this rally, he had a little bit of a mix in age and hair in the crowd of a woman.  The reason I mention it is because he looks at them when he turns around. At that moment we see he garners the cheers of women. That is a planned moment that I bet he does at every rally. 

Note if you can catch a screen grab of that how broadly Trump reaches his arms up and out to soak in the admiration of his audience. Showing his confidence and enjoyment of hearing the very loud cheers. He soaks it in.

The crowd is so lathered up that Trump has a moment where he has to actually wait for the crowd to stop cheering, it’s one of the few times that he just doesn’t soak it in, instead there’s a bit of awkwardness and his facial expressions is body carriage where we see he is not in control and he has to decide what to do. He is just lost for a moment.

How funny he makes reference to his State of the Union being nice and calm and that infers that that wouldn’t work in El Paso and the audience doesn’t know how to respond, as some seem to take it as an insult or start to cheer the State of the Union before they catch on that he says they wouldn’t have liked it. He says this (the rally) is more fun. FYI all good speakers adapt to their audience.

It’s interesting in this particular speech he’s not only doing that expensive arms out up upward motion but he’s doing a lot of arms out expansive downward motion and it’s typically to emphasize something he finds unbelievable and he’s in effect asking the crowd to be in that moment with him to say something unbelievable. Is doing his classic move of forefinger the phone as well but just intermittently. Seem a lot more stop motions hand held out and stop motions. I think that the one underlying motivation is that the crowd is so loud and hard to control. But it’s odd that he is doing this repeatedly. OH, now I see he’s doing that stop motions over and over to emphasize the things he wants to stop. There are so many negative statements, so many things he wants to stop that he keeps making the stop motion.

II noticed in the state of the Union address that the president had a lot of high chin holds which is something leaders do occasionally to please emphasize a point. But Trump held his chin high extremely high and for long periods of time. Chin up usually means superior to I feel superior to you I am greater than you and would hold an extended period of time indicates that the people the speaker speaking to our subordinate and far less than. It’s interesting that he was doing that during the state of the union it was also interesting during the State of the Union he did it as he introduced some of the “Heroes” that and special guests. As a speech coach, I recommend people be very careful of holding their chin high and anyway that would seem superior or condescending to others Obama was lambasted occasionally when he did it. As a coach, I find it absolutely unacceptable to do when you’re introducing someone else because it's stealing their moment it’s saying you were better than this person but you’re about to introduce. You’ve sent their praises you’ve made them special and then if you hold your hash and high as they are introduced and as they rise it steals that praise. It’s one of those small body language gestures that has an impact. Subliminally you actually give him the power of the people he introduces.

One of the things that apparently speech is that he’s not reading from the prompter, his jesters are much more spontaneous and he’s not speaking in specifics. One of the striking differences it’s his lack of detail he says has been happening for decades and decades a few years, The drug issue has been since 10, years then throws in a few possible other years, he used for it uses phrases like a long time or a long time instead of giving definitive figures. Also interesting how he can just use specific words and state that specific words in doing them with power with his nonverbal delivery and the crowd cheers for a particular word. Typically those words are negative trigger words. So the cheers or cheers of anger against something rather than cheers of hope for something. It makes sense that it’s incredibly effective anger is always a stronger persuasive effect than any other emotion. And Trump uses it well.

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