Body Language of Hitler With a Child by Body Language Expert Patti Wood

I am an expert on Hitler’s body language and have watched 100’s of hours of videos of him as well as over 1,000 still photos of him. I have noticed though there are many photo “ops” with Children
He never seems to really connect, instead, he seems like an outsider looking on. This photo shows exactly that. The child with a sun-in-her eyes unhappy squint is focused and facing the photographer confidently posed and right elbow back and her right elbow out and back in a “power block” to Hitler from getting closer while Hitler sits behind her slightly hunched forward and left hand awkwardly and passively placed between his legs.

This photo reveals something that I see in Hitler his lack of full confident self-esteem when he is not fully “on” and in Character as well as his awkwardness with Children who have the ability, because their reliance on nonverbal cues rather than fancy words can have the ability to see to a person’s true soul. 

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