Planning for Your First Virtual Meeting or Conference Call. What do you need to think about?

As a professional speaker, I suggest three things to do as you plan your virtual meeting or conference due to the Coronavirus 

1,) Give your speakers some coaching and training to help prepare them for giving their presentations remotely. Even if they have done so in the past it would help you with continuity and quality control.

2) Have a few backup speakers ready or switch to panels on a few of your key programs so you are covered if someone becomes ill. 

3)   I would also suggest that you do something I do in my face to face speeches and online speaking and create "Coaching and or Convention Partners" in your sessions, and or preconference. That is either have them choose or assign them someone attending each session they are in that they can call or email formally a week after the meeting to talk about or discuss what they learned, and what they implemented or plan on implementing from the meeting. 

4) Have every speaker offer a follow-up communication/ That can be a simple email, podcast or video reiterating the content and providing more examples or links to future related information. Answers to questions that came up and were not covered in-depth and motivation for the future. I can help you with that if you would like more details. I find it critical in online meetings as the group can't do the normal networking with each other or the speaker. 

I was recently on a call with 500 speakers, Speaker Bureaus, and Meeting and Convention Planners from around the world and the call went well, and we were especially impressed with international panel members who had experienced SARs and or Ebola. This was a last-minute meeting and I  would have suggested to the overall planner that a few of the panel members be better prepared with the answers to what we're bound to be the key questions. I can help your speakers prepare for questions and other aspects involved in using or switching to online meetings and conventions. 

If you would like my help on any of that coaching or training let me know.  678-358-6160. 

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